Hi, I’m Caroline Robert

After over 10 years in this industry and over 350 weddings photographed, I can confidently say that I love my career more than ever. I love the technical side of photography, I love the art, I love getting to know fascinating people of all walks of life, I love a good party, and I love all the gooey, cheesy bits of love everyone gets to experience on a wedding day.

I have been continuously learning how to better my craft as a photographer since I was in high school. I was educated at Texas State University and after receiving a bachelor's degree in fine arts, I became a full time wedding photographer. I travel often for destination weddings as well as my own personal adventures; you could say that I was bitten by the travel bug. Being able to combine my two greatest passions is something that I will never take for granted.

My family & friends are more precious to me than I could ever express with words so it is a priority to me that I capture the connections between your loved ones on the wedding day. I take a lot of photographs, never knowing exactly which moment will be your fondest to look back on in 20 years but simply assuring that I capture all of them. I approach a wedding day assuming that every person, place, tradition, & scene is important. I want every single aspect of the day to be photographed with the dedication and experience that has taken me over 10 years to achieve. I am particularly known for my ability to capture decisive moments in creative lighting with scenic detail. I am constantly striving to improve as I treat every wedding as a unique and special story to be told.

Video by Mark Morarie