Austin Wedding | Miranda + Jason

Yesterday I shot Miranda & Jason’s wedding with Ben at Angel Springs in Austin, TX.
I had never met Miranda before her wedding day since I was shooting with Ben but she knew me! I’m assuming because Miranda thinks of Ben as a little brother so I’m sure she had to get the scoop on me :) … Miranda was ridiculously sweet and so were her children, Shyann & Dalton, and Jason is going to be a wonderful ‘new dad’ to them.
They decided to get married on a monday because the day June 1st was the day her grandfather that she loved very much had passed away. The best word to describe this wedding was sweet.


The lighting was lovely during the ceremony.

Shyann gave one of THE best speeches I had ever heard! It was funny, touching, and not one word of it was written down before hand!!

Jason said he wasn’t going to get any icing on her face… but he totally did!

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