Austin Engagement session: Jacqueline & Billy

Recently I have noticed quite a few people searching for ‘cool places to shoot engagement photos in Austin, TX’…. well, if you look around, MOST places are cool to shoot engagement photos in Austin. So many cool textures, structures, colors- cannot pick a better place for portraits, really. Jacqueline suggested to meet up at Progress Cafe on 5th st. and San Marcos st., after checking out the area via Google Earth, I approved, not having actually been there before. The day of the shoot (today), Ben & I showed up 30 minutes early to drive around and get a plan of where we wanted to shoot, there were tons of cool places. So during the shoot we just ended up wandering around hitting up every spot we thought would look cool in a photo.

Ok to the shoot. I am going to start off by saying I am very jealous of Jacqueline and Billy- they are moving to Scotland in just over a week for grad school. They are a really down to earth couple that wants to do good things for this world. We were nervous that we weren’t even going to be able to shoot today though and with them leaving so soon, didn’t know if we were going to get another chance. It was POURING at 6pm when we met up… then 10 minutes later there was not only one rainbow… but TWO. How perfect, this shoot was just meant to be!
Jacqueline and Billy will be back to have their traditional Scottish wedding January 2nd, :)

ok ok… just one more thing about this shoot. Ben & I have recently been trying to work together more often, because when we do, we have more chances to do some awesome new things- he helped with lighting in this shoot but also put together a cool little video and set the music to one of the couple’s (as well as mine) favorite bands, Radiohead.
We will be working together as much as we can in the future and will soon be offering a package that includes the both of us, two professional fine art wedding photographers that have great chemistry and together attempt to create photographs like no one has seen before…. did I mention? We will also be including videography. :)

jacqueline and billy kiss in the water reflection

jacqueline and billy kiss underneath the double rainbow

jacqueline and billy kiss against cool colored wall

black and white jacqueline and billy kiss in reflection

jacqueline and billy in between two eighteen wheelers

jacqueline and billy standing in a colorful garage-way

jacqueline and billy waiting for a train that doesn't exist in Austin

jacqueline and billy looking at each other sweetly

jacqueline and billy sitting at an abandoned train stop

jacqueline kicking her heel as she kisses billy under and arch

jacqueline and billy kissing

jacqueline and billy walking the train tracks with Austin skyline in background

jacqueline and billy sitting at doorway one and two

Jacqueline laying on billy with eyelashes in focus

jacqueline and billy kissing against fence with engagement ring in focus

jacqueline and billy at progress cafe with green and red wall

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