Last night was the first time I photographed a wedding at the Star Hill Ranch… I gotta say, it is was one of my favorite wedding venues in Austin. There are so many interesting backdrops to photograph. The venue is also very flexible to fit any size wedding with the option to choose between two different chapels. They also have accommodations for up to 500 guest, Amazing place…
Leticia and Josh got married on August 30th, 2009. The wedding could not have turned out more perfect. The weather was very pleasant considering it was over 100 degrees just two weeks earlier. They choose to get married in the smaller chapel which had much more character than the larger one so there was not quite enough space for everyone to fit. The wedding went on without a hitch and after they exited, they rang the chapel bell to Que the Mariachi Band to begin playing for the guest while I took the Bride and Groom around for some portraits. There were so many interesting locations, I almost wanted to keep shooting for another hour, but the party continued inside. After dinner everyone really enjoyed the candy bar provided by the Bride and Groom and then when it came time to cut the cake, all the Brides Maids went around to cut the cakes which had been placed on every table. Very clever idea… the rest of the evening was nice and relaxing. Close friends and family stayed around for some dancing celebrating. I wish the best to Leticia and Josh. Congratulations!

Star Hill Ranch Chapel, Austin Texas

This is another HDR photo similar to THIS ONE
Star Hill Ranch, Brides house, Wedding Dress

Leticia getting ready in the Bride's house at the Star Hill Ranch.

Dress and Shoes

Josh hangin in the Groom's quarters.

Josh Getting ready in the grooms quarters

Groomsmen playing bartender.

I LOVE this picture! He just has that look that makes the image perfect.
Groom receiving gift from the bride.

Bride receiving gift from the groom

Father of the Bride, Flower girls

Groom looking into the Brides eyes for the first time.

Wedding ceremony at the Star Hill Ranch Chapel

Sand Ceremony

Catholic ceremony at the Star Hill Ranch. Lasso

Wedding photography at the Star Hill Ranch.

Bride and Groom's first kiss.

Ringing the Chapel Bell.

Bride and Groom infront of the Groom's quarters

Bride and Groom Portrait in front of an old Rusty truck

Bride and Groom portait infront of the Sunset at Star Hill Ranch.

Groom: Josh

First dance of Bride and Groom

Father, Daughter Dance

Detail Macro Ring Shot

This one was shot with the 100mm Macro lens. I placed the Rings on the mirror that was underneath the center pieces. Christmas lights were hanging all round the reception hall so I used them as a backdrop in the reflection. I would have liked to get more DOF but I was already at 3200iso and 1/60th shutter to get as much ambient as possible so I could not lower the aperture.

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