New Orleans was awesome! The SWPB group founded on Flickr united in New Orleans a couple weeks ago to share ideas and tricks of the trade. I mentioned some of the trip a couple posts ago but here are the pictures to back it up now :)
We had some really great attendees at this workshop and I have learned so much from the online flickr group. Christine Tremoulet from Houston helped use figure out some good SEO for our blog, Mark Parker from Birmingham brought up a good discussion about networking, and Ryan Brenizer from New York taught a bit about how to have a good consultation with a client and a few new lighting techniques. Ryan is considered to be one of the top 20 wedding photographers in the world according to WPJA, so it was quite an honor to be working with him… and hanging out with him on Bourbon street ;)

engagement couple in New Orleans streets

Christine hooked us up with some models to shoot an ‘engagement session’.

engagement couple in New Orleans streets

photographers in New orleans street for workshop
as you can see, there were quite a few of us roaming the streets.

lighting workshop photo of engagement portrait
This was part of the workshop and is one of my faves. Mine is a single shot while Ryan Brenizer did a multiple exposure shot of this pose that turned out awesome- check it out here.

engagement portrait in the french quarter with workshop

engagement portrait in New Orleans lit with video light
these 2^ done with a simple video light.

bridal portrait in New Orleans at Le Richelous hotel
The next day we had a fellow wedding photographer that happened to be gorgeous, model for us. Both shots were taken at the hotel we were staying at- Le Richelou

warm and cold tone lighting bridal portrait in New Orleans
A dark alley way- a great place to take a bride ;)

Notice that someone was holding a (warm tone) video light on her while Ben & I set up a (cold tone) flash- which created some interesting colors. 

New Orleans skyline with bride, Lyenette

last but not least the skyline of New Orleans.. the end!

Sincerely, Your Austin Wedding Photographer- Sweet Caroline Photo

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