Marlene is getting married on September 26th 2009! Only a few short weeks away. Check out her engagement photos HERE. Today we shot her Bridal Portraits at the Austin Capitol building. It ended up raining through the whole shoot so we didn’t get a chance to take any photos outside, but we did get to explore the capitol building thoroughly. We found some really cool locations and backdrops for the shoot.
As always, lighting is the most important element in photography and especially with bridal portraits. Caroline helped me with the lighting using a light stand, pocket wizard flex tt5 with a 430ex II on top shooting through a white umbrella to soften it up. For a couple shots we also used a second back light to create some separation and drama. It turned out really nice and I can’t wait to shoot her wedding in Bastrop.

Marlene opening the door and Laying on the stairs in the Austin capitol.

Bridal portrait of Marlene in the Capitol of Texas.

For this shot we used two lights. One shot through the white umbrella from the left and the other one bouncing of the large white wall on the right to fill in her face.

Marlene's Bridal Portraits at the Capitol.

Bridal portraits in Austin, Texas with a bouquet.

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Austin Bridal Photographer Ben Godkin

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