Wet Streets in Houston | Veronica + Nethaneel

Veronica & I have been exchanging e-mails for the past two months or so, so it was awesome to finally meet the face behind the e-mails. Veronica and Nethaneel were such a fun couple; not shy in front of the camera which made my job easy, I didn’t have to tell them to do almost anything throughout the whole shoot. The shoot almost didn’t happen due to the rain, but we made our way through the puddles and mud to get some really cool shots. We started at Brasil’s by westheimer and dunlavy, then walked down by the Menil museum, gorgeous area. We talked quite a bit during the shoot, I learned that Veronica went to the twin sister of my high school and Nethaneel mao thai fighter (hope I spelled that right). I really enjoyed shooting their engagements and as you can see- we had quite a bit of fun :)

engagement couple by menil museum

engagement couple by menil museum dancing

engagement couple pushing each other in tree swing

engagement couple sitting in tree swing
notice I set a simple strobe in the back (resting on a bench) to create a nice glow around the couple

engagement couple being spied on by photographer
this photo seemed appropriate since it looked like I was creeping on them

engagement couple- veronica picking up nethaneel
I had to post this one, it’s just too funny.

engagement couple in reflection and normal
awesome reflection pool- very deceiving, the photo on the left is a reflection ;)

engagement couple in reflection pool and normal

engagement couple in a being cute series
Aren’t they just ridiculously cute??

engagement couple looking into each other's eyes

engagement couple standing by wall


engagement couple kissing with golden sunset behind

engagement couple in grocery store parking lot with shopping baskets
This just looked like a really cool scene… but it needed a little POP, so again, 430exII behind couple to add a little somethin’.


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