Brandi + Trey| Wedding

This is my first time to experiment with the software SoundSlides- pretty awesome. This is also the first time I have used audio from the wedding itself in a slideshow, something I have never seen anyone do before. I just took the best man’s speech and over laid some good background music to go with the photos, something I will definitely be doing in more weddings to come. So look forward to it!

I finished shooting this wedding about 5 hours ago and here are the pics. I really wanted to get them up before Brandi & Trey leave on their honeymoon for Jamaica. The wedding was at the Wingate up in Round Rock and was small, sweet, simple, and full of love.
I shot Brandi’s bridals at the capitol a couple months ago and her and Trey’s sister were just a blast to shoot with. A sweet couple with a lot of heart, I’m glad I could be a part of this rainy Thursday wedding.


macro shot- wedding rings and white tulip
Here is one of my favorite pictures of the night- the rings with Brandi’s favorite flower, a white tulip.

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