What a great wedding. I shot Veronica & Nethaneel’s engagements just a month ago and were equally awesome… so I was pretty stoked to be shooting the wedding as well. There were some bumps in the road up until the ceremony at Oak Tree Manor in Houston but everything ran smoothly in the end. I played with some lighting (as you will see in the dress photo) and the prep room provided me some awesome opportunities to play with the reflections. Veronica’s dress was gorgeous as was the style of the entire wedding. Black on black with dark red roses everywhere, elegant, classy, and vintage. I also had a chance to record the vows from the ceremony which will be great for the people that couldn’t hear them because the standard mic wasn’t working right. I love personal vows, whether written 2 minutes before the ceremony or not written down at all. ;)
They used a few of the engagement portraits as souvenirs by placing them in glass coasters, a very cute idea, I took one home with me to use- you can slightly see one of them used in the 2nd ring photo. The wedding was all outside (thank goodness for no rain!!) so it was a little hard for my Canon to focus but lighting wasn’t too much of an issue as long as I had my light stand by my side (I’m NOT a fan of gary fong’s diffusers).
I’m so glad I could be a part of the big day from START to FINISH; It made everything so much more relaxed. I will soon be offering a minimum of 8 hour packages in the beginning of 2010.
I really felt special when Veronica gave me a boutonniere to wear for the wedding, it didn’t get along with my 2 camera straps and shoot sac but I wore it the whole time any way :)

bride looking in mirror fixing make-up at Oak Tree Manor

groom fixing tie through doorway at Oak Tree Manor

bride looking down with vintage veil over eyes at Oak Tree

bride and groom during ceremony looking past unity candles at Oak Tree Manor

groomsmen looking gangster from low angle at Oak Tree Manor

bride and groom looking gangster from low angle at Oak Tree Manor
Veronica and Nethaneel as they really are. Gangsters.

Sincerely, your Austin Wedding Photographer- Sweet Caroline Photo

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