Last Saturday I second shot a wedding for Caroline in Boerne, Texas, just north of San Antonio. The wedding was held at a quaint little Inn called The Ye Kendall. Such a great venue for an outdoor wedding with character. Martha & Jeff were super awesome and friendly. The ceremony took place just before sunset which produced some beautiful light. Check out Jeff & Martha’s slide-show over at Sweet Caroline

The first image is actually taken with a specialized Digital Infrared Camera, which produces a dreamy, ethereal look. This camera works best when there is plenty of foliage being hit by direct sunlight, because the leaves reflect a lot of infrared light which is invisible to the human eye. This photo was actually created using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique which I showcased here before. It involves taking 3 bracketed images, at different exposures, to capture more detail through out the image.

If you want to see more Infrared Images, I used this camera in my Thesis I project at Texas State University in 2008. Please Contact me for more information about my Fine Art Prints.

Infrared wedding ceremony photo at the Ye Kendall inn in Boerne, Texas.

Wedding Dress, shoe and details from a wedding in Boerne, TX.

Bride and Groom portrait after the wedding ceremony.

Flower girl & Ring Bearer looking into the pond for fishes.

To cute to pass up!!!
Macro ring shot's using flowers and treasure chest.

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