Reunion at Fort Hood: Kimberly & Will

Today was a very special day for me and a lot of families in Texas. I spent the whole afternoon in Fort hood with one of my clients as she waited to reunite with her fiance who has been stationed in Iraq over the last year. Now, I have photographed many weddings which are always very special and joyous, but it’s not every day you get to witness something so raw and emotional. It was an incredible experience and I was reminded of how much our soldier’s familys sacrifice every day. No matter what your political views are… you have to respect the sacrifice they have made for all of us. I’m so glad that Will, and all the others, made it home safely. So grab a tissue, sit back and celebrate LOVE. Kimberly & Will are getting married on July 10th 2010 in Austin, Texas. Congratulations and Welcome Home!

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Welcome Home sign at Fort Hood 1st cavelry Division.

Kimberly and Wills reunion at Fort Hood.

Soldiers returning from Iraq at Fort Hood.

Family holding We Love Will sing on the bleachers.

Kimberly running in to her fiances arms as he returns to Fort Hood.

Soon to be Bride and Groom and their new family at Fort hood. Welcome Home!

Will came home from active duty on Jan. 25th 2010. They are getting married on July 10th 2009.

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