Yeah that’s right. Texarkana. It’s a good 6+ hour drive, but after shooting Whitney & Tom’s engagement session almost a year ago it just seemed like it was destined to be- I would be making my first trip out there to shoot their wedding. It was worth the drive. Whitney & Tom saw each other before the wedding so we had a good amount of time to take some awesome portraits (as well as the formals) so that they could get straight to the party after the ceremony… I recommend the ‘first look’. The reception was held at Northridge Country Club.
I’m back in Austin and back to being busy while the couple is on a beach in Antigua drinking frozen drinks in their custom made koozies.
As usual, I’m a little jealous but I have plenty of my own fun adventures planned this year, some business, some pleasure. 2010 is own it’s way to being one of the best years ever.
Underneath all my favorites is a link to a slideshow. Just so you know.

bridesmaid looking in hand mirror through mirror

bridal party on steps against brick wall behind church with sun flare

groomsmen standing against brick wall and bride and groom kissing through bushes

bride and groom kissing by brick wall in black and white

bride and groom kissing and looking down with eyelashes

Bofferding neon green beer sign

I have to say… I wish I had an awesome last name that also happened to be the name of a brewery in Europe.

bride and groom laughing during toasts and speeches

brides maid giving speech with mic too tall

band lead singer

Rober St. John

bridesmaids dancing next to band's lead singer

groom getting garter belt off of bride with teeth

bride chunking bouquet at bridesmaid

bridesmaid hardcore playing tambourine

Most enthusiastic tambourine player I’ve ever met ;)

Hey! Don’t forget to click me for the slideshow!

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