Sneak Peek: Stranded…

So today I got to do something completely unique… shoot an engagement session on a boat! After taking a few shots near the 360 bridge we head out. Larissa & Courtney were so excited to get out on the water, funny thing is that the boat actually overheated shortly after we left the dock. We were stranded, but it prompted me to think a little bit outside the box to come up with this shot. I LOVE IT! I had such a great time with them and I have many more fun photos to share… but those will have to wait. ;) Enjoy!

I know what your thinking… how in the world did you get this shot?! Well… I just threw my camera up in the air and hoped for the best! No, not really. I slapped on my trusty 15mm fisheye lens and attached my camera to the end of my lightstand. Set the camera on a 10 sec timer and lifted the camera 10 feet above my head. Trying not to fall in the water is the hardest part. ;)

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