This moment touched me. This moment almost caused a tear to fall down my cheek. What I love about this moment even more… This was not Erin & Matt’s first time to see each other on the day of the wedding or the first time he’s seen her in her wedding dress, Erin & Matt had been getting ready together all day, they walked to the ceremony site together, he also helped out during her bridal session. I guess my point is, is that it doesn’t matter if you see each other before the ceremony, the moment is still an amazing/beautiful/touching/emotional experience. Erin & Matt represent love in the deepest form, they are best friends, & are going to have an amazing marriage.

I asked them to describe this moment from their own perspective and this is what they had to say…

Erin said : Matt and I honestly do almost everything together and he is my partner in crime. I value his opinion and his suggestions, so for us, getting ready together and planning everything together was very natural. being separate would have been more anxiety-producing, and who wants that? It was very calming to be with him up until the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, there was a lot of chaos and it didn’t really hit me that I was about to walk down the isle on my wedding day until I saw all the guests. The day had been so busy and there was so much to do all morning that It hadn’t really dawned on me that the time had actually come. Seeing the guests was very surreal and overwhelming. It was exciting, but very overwhelming. When I looked down the isle and I saw Matt I instantly felt better. Almost safe. He is my everything and seeing him there waiting for me gave me strength and focus. I instantly felt better seeing him. It was very emotionally powerful because seeing him at the altar meant that the moment we had been waiting for for the last two years was coming true. I was so overwhelmingly happy and so excited, and he looked so emotional that I knew everything was perfect. I felt an intense feeling that everything that was happening was destined to happen and that we were meant to be there in that moment together.

Matt said : Before Erin came down the isle, all of the guests stood up and it hit me like a brick wall. I instantly felt the magnitude of the moment. I like to think I can keep my cool and that I am a calm and collected person, but I went into tunnel-vision. I couldn’t hear the music playing, I don’t remember seeing the guests, or the aisle runner. I just focused on Erin and her father (Chuck) walking. By the time I saw Erin walking down the aisle I was a mess. I felt intense happiness. I wanted everyone to know. I wanted to tell everybody. I think my core temp sky-rocketed. I got really hot. I can’t believe I was standing up unassisted. It wasn’t necessarily in slow motion, but I couldn’t wait for Erin to get up there.

When I saw the woman who holds my entire heart, with such a sure face on her, I couldnt keep my happiness inside. Tears were so pure for her. I was so excited that I was her man. so excited to be the one standing there to say “I do” I saw her beautiful, happy smile, and knew I did smething right. the rest nearly blew by in light speed. Until I turned around and saw our parents and my dad with a gaurded but proud smile on his face. I felt so proud of myself and for us as a pair of people who can share our greatest day with our closest relatives and friends and celebrate with the titles of husband and wife. the combined matter of fact firmness of those words husband and wife, and with the new ring on my finger, we can bear any weight together and side by side. I am an accomplished man..

Both : We both agree that the best moment was immediately after the ceremony when we had a brief moment alone. We had just cleared the guests and were able to embrace each other and say “We did it!!” it was so emotional to reflect on the whole ceremony and on the gravity of the moment.

groom crying seeing bride down the aisle at San Antonio botanical gardens wedding

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