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San Antonio Wedding | Tiffany + Stewart

This past spring I shot a very sweet wedding at Southwest School for Arts & Crafts, one of the most beautiful locations in San Antonio. I loved being a part of their big day, especially when one of the guests dragged me out on to the dance floor.


Credit: Southwest school for arts & crafts, Haute Weddings, & DeVinnie’s Paradise.

Our Friend’s Fredericksburg Wedding | Jackie + Eli

Jackie was my room mate in college for over a year and we spent 2.5 years experiencing stereotypical college life together and in a way we grew up together. I was very excited to find out they were going to be having a wedding of close friends and family at Eli’s family home in Fredericksburg. It was not until we arrived that we knew it would be located at what I could only describe as a safari ranch. Emu, zebra, buffalo, were walking around with many varieties of monkeys and wild cats in cages. I’ve never had the chance to pet a tiger before! I originally decided that Ben would shoot the wedding so I could truly enjoy the beauty of a dear friends wedding but I couldn’t resist enjoying the wedding through my camera lens for a few hours. After dinner we put our cameras down (at their persistence) and danced the night away. I love these two, they’re going to do amazing things together.
P.S. That is me and the bride in the last photo!

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