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Palm Door Wedding | Tyler + Eddie

A day full of smiles would be a great way to sum up this Palm Door wedding.  Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Tyler and Eddie celebrated this new stage in their life with an overflowing of happiness.  Eddie’s grin shone ear to ear; Tyler’s a good match. Their Day of the Dead themed wedding in downtown Austin was full of color and flare.  The conversation was lively, the laughter strong, and funky dancing was plentiful.  These two can throw a great shindig!

Puerto Rico

cats of puerto rico

The famous cats of old San Juan.

This is now our 3rd time to visit the island and we have grown to like it more and more every time. I truly believe that if you’re only going to visit one caribbean island in your life, this is the one. It has so much to offer in terms of resorts beaches, history, culture, and food. The last 2 trips we only spent about 5 days here, each, but we were also shooting/attending wedding activities for 3 of those days, so we did not have time to venture much outside of old San Juan. While old San Juan is definitely worth taking the time to walk around, you could do this in one long day of walking around the El Morro & Fort San Cristobal. On this trip we were happy to finally have been able to venture outside of the area to visit the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico.

We spent the first two nights of our trip in the Condado area where many, often Hilton, resorts are located. There are a lot of good restaurants in this area and the hotels are always equipped with pools to accomodate many. The better resorts will also have access to a beach. We stayed 2 nights at the historic el Convento hotel where all of our Puerto Rica weddings have been located. It was nice to stay there and be able to walk upstairs to bed after a long wedding day. It is a cute hotel with a nice restaurant and a tiny pool. The customer service is wonderful here but as I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t see much point to staying too long in old San Juan. After a change of plans to decide to go on the catamaran with our clients we opted to stay at La Concha hotel to make waking up at 8am to meet up with them easier on us. It is one of the best hotels in the area (also in condado area).

The catamaran took us as well as 12 of the wedding guests and the bride and groom out to Icacos island to snorkel and lay out in the sun. The water was crystal clear  blue and some of the most beautiful ocean water I have ever seen. Unfortunetly, Ben & I did too much laying in the sun and came home a shade redder than we had intended. That night we made the 2.5 hour drive to Cabo Rojo and stayed in a place we found on Air BnB. The next day we hit up all the best beaches in the area, Playa Combate, Sucia, & Boqueron. Playa Sucia is the highest rated beach in Puerto Rico according to Trip Advisor so we had to check it out. I definitely understand why. It’s a beach that’s far enough off the beaten path so not many tourists make their way out there. It’s mainly a local beach which is perfect for spending a day at.

Tips for Puerto Rico : Remember that while it is technically America, it’s also very different. Laws are different (18+ drinking for example) and there are some dangerous spots that are very close to tourist spots. We have personally experienced police officers telling us not to go down certain paths due to being dangerous but they are not always there and have heard of people getting robbed (mainly in Old San Juan). With that said, I have still felt very safe walking around at night in the right areas. Most people will speak English but basic Spanish is courteous to use when possible. Fun fact : many Cubans and Puerto Ricans do not pronounce the written “S” when saying “gracias”, so it sounds like “gracia”.

Next time we hope to make our way Vieques island as well as finally visit the bioluminescent bays. There are only 5 bioluminescent bays in the world and 3 of them exist in Puerto Rico.

Here are photos from our last few trips to Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan

View of Old San Juan from Fort San Cristobal.


ice cream in old san juan

The helado (ice cream) of Old San Juan, you will see people on the streets selling cones, a must try.

old san juan cats
puerto-rico-travel-photos (3 of 4)

iguana in puerto rico

Feed the pigeons in Old San Juan, a man hangs out there selling seeds to tourists.

Feed the pigeons in Old San Juan, a man hangs out there selling seeds to tourists.

Puerto Rico catamaran Icacos island

mountains of Puerto Rico

Drive from San Juan to Ponce.

Nature preserve & bird sanctuary near Playa Sucia

Nature preserve & bird sanctuary near Playa Sucia.

Playa Sucia

Playa Sucia.

Playa Sucia

Playa Sucia.

view of the stars from airplane

From the flight on the way to Puerto Rico.

food of Puerto Rico
Some of our meals from Puerto Rico. From left to right, top to bottom – Shrimp & fried sweet plantains, mixed mofongo, Pina Coladas from the bar that it was invented  Barrachina (they were good but not mind blowing). – Steak with plantain, salad with churrasco strip steak and fried plantain bits. – Mahi mahi with rice & beans, & more mofongo! Mofongo is a very popular dish famous in the caribbean, it is smashed fried plantains stuffed with any protein you can think of and often covered in a garlic or tomato sauce. They love their plantains in the caribbean and I love it! 

Charleston, SC Wedding | Krissy + Eric

Thomas Bennett House Wedding

It is always a treat to see former clients and their families at weddings we shoot. In this case I shot Eric’s sister, Alyson’s, wedding in Austin almost 4 years ago. Alyson and Craig now have two adorable daughters that I got to meet at the wedding.  Krissy & Eric are living in Florida at the moment but wanted to have a destination wedding and loved the idea of getting married in a town they had visited before that they loved. Krissy contacted us almost a year ago and reserved her venue, the Thomas Bennett house in Charleston, South Carolina, based on our availability. The house is more of a historic mansion located centrally in downtown Charleston.The rooms were a perfect backdrop to the girls getting ready as well as some bridal portraits before the ceremony and the lawn was beautifully manicured for spring for a tented reception. Their ceremony was at the Johannes Lutheran Church where they did a sword arch exit with all of Eric’s Navy friends. We took portraits at Battery Park so we get a few photos with the ocean water and the gorgeous moss covered trees that South Carolina is known for. There is something so beautiful about the way the light shines in South Carolina, the light is the perfect amount of soft and warm. The reception was full of laughter and dancing which also continued on into their after party. We’re so glad that we could make it out to Charleston for a fun and beautiful destination wedding.


Austin Wedding | Sarah + Dan

Camp Lucy Wedding

Wow! That is the first thing I think of when looking back on this amazing wedding at Camp Lucy. When you combine some amazing clients, Sarah + Dan, and an all star cast of Austin wedding professionals like Brock & Co, Posey Events, FILO lighting, and the Pictures Band, it is destined to be an epic wedding! We even saw some of our future clients, Tatianna & Will, on the dance floor which gave a good indication of the party that is to be later this month. The day started off at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Austin and transitioned to the hill country for a beautiful ceremony on the lawn at Camp Lucy and an amazing dance party in the hall. The ceremony was accented with an stunning huppah beautifully decorated with wild orchids and moss. The bride was introduced  with a unique cover of the Beatles song “Let it Be” by a full gospel choir! It was a pretty special moment and set the tone for the rest of the day. The reception was filled with many activities including a whiskey tasting, beer tasting, and hand rolled cigars. Inside the reception hall, The Pictures Band keep the dance party going.


-Your Destination Wedding Photographers – Caroline + Ben

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