Marble Falls Wedding | Adrienne + Drew

Despite Adrienne & Drew hosting their wedding at their family’s private ranch, I have still had the opportunity to photograph here before! Last year I took wedding photos for Adrienne’s cousin and was grateful to be able to catch up with Megan & Ryan at this wedding. (read more about that fun experience here!) There is something so humbling about being able to recognize family members and remember who had the best dance moves ;) There is no shortage of them in this family! The ceremony was the kind of ceremony every photographer dreams of photographing, love, tears, smiles, beautiful people,  & of course beautiful light. The dance floor was always full but Eric made sure to snag the bride & groom to take advantage of being in the middle of nowhere by capturing a long exposure with the stars. My biggest take back from this wedding though will have to the sweet song that Drew sang to Adrienne  during the reception, the kind of music that warms your heart and reminds you what love is all about.



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