Volunteer English Teacher – IVHQ – Maximo Nivel

I have been wanting to volunteer over the last few years. I have been wanting to teach English since I graduated from college (I was interviewed to teach in South Korea but became busy with weddings). And I always want to travel. On this trip I was able to combine 3 goals and passions. I went through IVHQ because a friend of mine had also used them – they connect local volunteer organizations with people like me looking to volunteer. Maximo Nivel is the local volunteer organization that I went through, they organize a variety of volunteer programs from teaching English, Andean immersion, jungle conservation, child care, & stray animal care in 4 different countries. Everyone goes through a short application process & background check and they place you based on your skills and what you are interested in helping with.

I was assigned to teach English to adults at an evening school called Qosqo Maki. After 2 orientations we were told to create lesson plans for 3 levels, beginner, intermediate, & advanced , for a 3 hour class because we were not sure which class we would be assigned to. Another new volunteer and I were daunted at the idea of this difficult task but it ended up being easier in upon arrival. I ended up co-teaching the advanced class with another new volunteer though, I left after the first 1.5 hour class due to altitude sickness. After the first day I taught the intermediate class for the duration of my time in Cusco, teaching things like modal verbs and conditional, having to relearn rules I learned almost 15 years ago. I am sad that I will not be able to see my students advance as I grew attached to them in a short period of time, I feel inspired by their passion to learn.


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