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I am currently in Lake Havasu City, AZ where my dad and grandfather currently reside. My grandfather has lived here for almost 20 years and was married to my grandmother for almost 60 years before she passed away 3 years ago. He is 86 years old now and while I feel like his spirit is strong I want to make sure I can soak up as much of his company as possible in case anything happens. *This photo was taken with my Fuji XT-1, I burned in the background a bit but in reality the contrast is mostly due to nicely placed Arizona sunset light.

It has been a while since I’ve made an update because I have been very busy with weddings in Austin. I spent a month there at 3 different friend’s places. It was amazing to be back after 3 months of being away, I missed my friends and family and being back reminded me of how amazing they really are. Alas, I am back on the road indefinitely. As soon as I boarded my flight to Phoenix I felt at home and in my comfort zone, back to where I belong! I have been pursuing purchasing property in Denver, Colorado heavily but have had no luck thus far. This will mostly be an investment property/storage unit. Thank goodness for the ability to stash the most important things I own at my brother’s home in Houston for the moment. I will still be shooting plenty of weddings in Austin next year but am also currently finding myself from Kalamazoo, MI to St. Lucia for weddings. I will always come back to Austin for weddings! It is still my favorite city in the U.S. but having lived in Texas all of my life, I’d like to try something new for a while. My prerequisites include, good weather, decent size city, outdoor centric, with a good airport hub! Denver also doesn’t feel that far from Texas so I feel more comfortable committing to a place away from my friends and family. Not to mention I have a few friends located there already and many of them stop by often.

To give a general update on my travel plans from now, November 5th 2015, to April 2016 I will be visiting — Phoenix, Washington D.C., Austin, Yucatan MX, Denver, London, Amsterdam, Antigua Guatemala, Caye Caulker Belize, Antigua Guatemala, Tucson, Las Vegas, Austin, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Vancouver, San Antonio, & St. Lucia. Sounds crazier now that it’s all written out!

Photo by René van Weel

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