Antigua, Guatemala Wedding | Mimi + Conor

Mimi and Conor got married on an amazingly beautiful day this past January at Las Capuchinas in Antigua Guatemala, one of my favorite wedding venues in… the world. They had never been to Guatemala before but they trusted their guts, their wedding planner of I Do Guatemala, & the photos they had seen online. Having met in Iraq I consider them both fellow nomads, like myself, they’re current location is just as hard to track down as mine!  Conor was persistent after 2 years of friendship with Mimi and after a random trip to Belize they started dating. We first met in Washington DC for their engagement session exactly 2 months before their wedding day. Mimi has an infectious spirit and a light-heartedness that makes what can potentially be a stressful day, like a wedding, feel like a breeze and Conor, despite a recent injury, was killing it on the dance floor. Right before the ceremony started the Aguacate volcano began to erupt with smoke, as Mimi said “it’s every girl’s dream to have a volcano erupt on her wedding day”. After the wedding we all took the trip to Lake Atitlan for a sunrise/5:30am ‘day after’ session so Mimi and Conor could jump into the lake. It was the perfect way to solidify them ‘taking the plunge’ of marriage together and I can’t wait to see where their next adventure brings them. :)


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