San Ignacio, Belize Engagement | Lianie + David

After first meeting Lianie & David in Belize, the following day they invited us out to their family ranch to hang out. I have been to many ranches before but this was magical! Just off the beaten path outside of San Ignacio and likely impossible for us to find without the guidance of David & Lianie leading us there. We rode horses to watch the sunset from the top of a hill and drank out of coconuts hand cut by David with a machete. (You can see me attempting/failing to do the same in my about me video). Afterwards, Lianie’s dad invited us to watch the super bowl game at their home in San Ignacio (which was also where the wedding was held). I might not get very excited about sports but it was the perfect set-up for the game and we had a blast celebrating Denver’s win with local Belkin & nachos made from scratch by the family. When Mark & I came back out to shoot the engagement session and wedding we wanted to make sure to get photos of David & Lianie at the magical ranch that they (& now us) are so attached to.

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