Houston, TX Wedding | Seelva + Alec

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Armenian wedding world through Seelva & Alec. We started the day at one of my favorite Houston hotels, Hotel Zaza, after a first look, we wandered the scenic downtown streets with their bridal party. I then hopped in the limo with them to the Saint Kevork Armenian Church where they had a traditional Armenian ceremony. On the way back Seelva, Alec, & I celebrated in the limo with shots of Armenian brandy. We took a few portraits of the two of them at twilight, my absolute favorite time to hit downtown Houston, then joined the party of their 300 guests. After some amazingly sweet speeches by Alec’s groomsmen and Seelva’s three sisters, Arsen from DJ International got the dance floor going. I have no doubt the party could have gone on all night if the Zaza let them. Thank you so much for having me Seelva & Alec, I sincerely hope this is the first of many Armenian weddings for me.

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