28 Awesome Austin Engagement Session Spots

As an Austin wedding photographer I have had the opportunity to discover the most photogenic locations in the city. Enjoy this collection of my favorites and please feel free to contact me with any questions!

1 – South Congress Bridge

A perfect start to our list of the best of the best engagement session locations in Austin.  If you go at the summer season you can also get views of the bats. There are many spots under and around the bridge that are photogenic and the Town Lake Boardwalk is right next door.


2 – The Capitol

Unlike the U.S. Capitol, the Austin Capitol grounds are not only very well kept but also very welcoming to photo sessions. They even allow you to go inside to photograph as long as you’re not dragging along any tripods or light stands that can get in the way.


3 – Blue Tile Wall

Located at 5th & Sabine St, hit up this spot and walk around downtown towards I-35 for a modern engagement look.


4 – Red Bud Isle

A great park for those seeking a green belt look without having to take a hike.


5 – Butler Park

Definitely one of my personal favorites based on the amount of variety as well its’ proximity to other spots near by. Great views of downtown, beautiful greenery, and a fountain that lights up at night.


6 – Your Favorite Restaurant/Bar

Austin is full of cute & hip restaurants, why not pick one that you have an attachment too? Just make sure to call the restaurant ahead of time to make sure that it’s okay.


7 – East Side

So many options on the east side for a less conventional style. This side of town is constantly changing from the buildings to the graffiti & art.


8 – Gruene

Ok, not Austin but close enough to count. Gruene Hall has a country feel with beautiful nooks in town to photograph.


9 – Long Center

Located right next to Butler Park and right off of town lake with the same beautiful downtown skyline view but with modern architecture.


10 – South Congress

There is a lot going on on South Congress ave, from cute restaurants, shops, alley ways, & food trucks. Be warned, it is also almost always crowded, try to go on an off day or early in the morning.




11 – Stubbs

At the client’s suggestion, we had the opportunity to photograph a session at Stubb’s BBQ and venue downtown and it ended up being a perfect location. Definitely make sure to call in advance to make sure its’ free.

Austin Engagement photos at Stubbs BBQ12 – Mueller Lake Park

Mueller is the new up & coming area of Austin with many new hotspots to hang out and photograph. Dell’s Children’s hospital did a great job of helping make the area more beautiful.


13 – Bluebonnet Season

This photo was taken off the side of Mopac off a highway hill. Luckily, you can find the bluebonnets just about everywhere in spring time!


14 – Mayfield Park

Mayfield park is a beautifully kept park home to a few peacocks that wander the grounds freely. The park also serves as an event venue that is occasionally booked up and does require a $50 reservation.


15 – Zilker Park

Who doesn’t love Zilker? It’s huge! Get great views of downtown right next to the water. It’s a great spot to get good views of the sunset from the rocks in the center of the park.

16 – Park near Barton Springs

I couldn’t find a name for this park but it is located just past springs in its’ own fenced in area. This area has different looks depending on the time of year.


17 – Town Lake – north side

Town Lake is quite the site from any angle.

Town Lake – east side
Town Lake – south side

18 – Greetings from Austin Mural

Located at 1st & Annie St, one of the most iconic Austin spots.
engaged couple in front of the Austin mural for engagement session

19 – Downtown

You can’t go wrong with wandering around downtown Austin, especially at night!


20 – Graffiti Park on Castle Hill

A relatively new addition to Austin that seemed to pop up over night when it went from underground graffiti spot to portrait session location that will be constantly evolving. Try to hit it at a time that isn’t popular because it can get crowded.

21 – Hotel St Cecilia

Possibly the cutest hotel in all of Austin but alas, it comes with a price. It’s no longer possible to book a session here unless you have actually booked the hotel for a couple nights.


22 – You’re My Butter Half mural

Located at MLK & Alamo, it’s one of the only spots in this area to shoot but if you’re into cute graffiti, this may be your jam!


23 – Old Settlers Park

The most north location of everything listed on here. A very versatile park with vintage farm equipment and plenty of nature. As of late, I have heard of this park charging a photography fee.

Old Barn engagement picture in Round Rock

24 – Sand Beach Park

Located near the Trader Joe’s downtown and the former location of the old Austin City Power plant. There is a cool walkway, lights, & a huge table that can be rented out for parties.


25 – The W Hotel

The W hotel has one of the coolest looking bars in Austin with many locations to shoot around the hotel as well. There is a photography fee but many people go in to take a couple photos on the DL.


26 – The Greenbelt

Be prepared for a little hike but it’s all worth it when you can reach the watering holes around the park.

27 – Blanton Museum

They only do shoots at certains times and days of the week but it’s a fun unique location that won’t be like anything else in Austin. $200 photoshoot fee. 


28 – Mt Bonnell

Mt Bonnell is one of the most scenic overlooks in Austin, with a little hike up some stairs you can get a beautiful view over Lake Austin.

mount bonnell engagement session

29 – Mckinney Falls

Classic Austin naturesque park with many trails for tons of greenery.

30 – UT Campus

A hit for all those UT alumni and Longhorn fans. Wandering around campus (preferably in the summer) leads to many photo opportunities. 

bird's eye view of couple laying down through staircase





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