Wedding Videographers

Wedding Videographers

I know how important it is to capture your wedding day from start to finish. I also cannot express enough how important it is for the photographers and videographers to work seamlessly together to both create the best photos and video from your big day. Here is a list of my favorite wedding videographers.

tumblr_m9n95980Cv1ruwvl4“We are from Louisiana and moved to Austin about ten years ago. We both got into the film world through acting, and developed a passion for indie film and great stories. Our passion for stories lead Josh to UT for Film School and Nick to St. Edwards University for Philosophy and Literature. After we both finished school in 2007 we started the Film and Video Production company Mishnoon.

While working on Mishnoon occasionally our friends would ask us to film their weddings and we would. After hearing how much they loved them we decided to start a wedding videography company which we did last year in 2011 and the responses have been amazing.

We create fun short wedding films compiled of all the entertaining and the heartfelt moments from your wedding day that you’ll want captured to share with everyone you know. We’re passionate about making films and it shows in our work.”

-Josh & Nick of LOVEBIRD FILMS

792172_550845928267941_914581456_o“I film weddings as candidly as possible. This is your day to enjoy! After months or years of planning, you can just take in the moments and not have to worry about the little things. We film in a manner that doesn’t interrupt or change the flow of your wedding day at all. We try not to shoot with distracting lights, or intrusive equipment, and you actually won’t notice us much as all. Many couples are surprised by the shots we get, because they didn’t notice us as much as they thought they would. We work great with photographers to ensure you get the best photos and video. That’s when I know we’re doing it correctly.”



“I know it sounds cheesy, but I grew up knowing that I wanted to be a filmmaker. I fell in love with video production at university and I got the incredible opportunity to work in television when I graduated. After working on and off set producing shows for HGTV, food network, and DIY, I came to Houston and began spending a lot of time with two very special people: Houston’s own international award-winning photography duo, my big sis and bro-in-law. Inspired by their talent and happiness that it gives people, I found myself shooting alongside them and learning as much as I could. I remember the moment when I realized that this was exactly what I wanted to do: A few minutes after sending one of my first films to a couple in Dallas, I recieved a video message from the groom. He’d filmed his wife watching their highlight film for the first time. Seeing her smile and the tears rolling down her cheeks was the most satisfying moment in my professional career. I’m so honored to call this my job. “





 “Our goal is to make you feel like you’re not on the set of a hollywood action movie.  It’s important that you and your guests remember your wedding day and not what the videography crew did to get crazy shots.  You have enough to worry about with all the other vendors running around!  This is why we have been and always will be a two person crew.

I take “future you” into consideration.  Your wedding day is timeless, and we will capture it in a way that you will still enjoy years from now.  That is what really matters the most.”


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