Culling & Editing

Culling :


.03 per image

Editing :

$.45 Per Image
I will adjust images for exposure, contrast, white balance, basic dodging & burning, cropping, & localized adjustments (bringing in the sky for example). What I consider to be the basics. My turn around time will be one week. I will only be taking on a limited amount of weddings to ensure I can get weddings finished in a timely manner. If I suspect it will take any longer than a week, I will notify as soon as the gallery is sent to me. As I start to get busier I will set up a calendar for people to see the queue. I am happy to start from your own presets.

For culling I will use Photomechanic, upload a folder with small JPEGs & I will e-mail back a text file with the selects. Make sure times are synced between cards. For editing send over a smart catalog with any presets you’d like used. Please use a shared dropbox folder.

I will invoice via Venmo. Monthly PDF invoice available upon request.

Shoot me an e-mail at if you have any questions

Fill out this questionnaire to get started :


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