Behind the lens.

my story

When I was younger I used to stare at photographs that my mother had casually collected of our family over the years. Sometimes of people I didn't recognize but always of real moments that made me wish I was there. The stories those photos told gave me a glimpse into a world I was too young to be fully aware of, if I was alive at all. Admittedly, it seemed like better times as my family had since moved apart and in that moment it was just my mother and I. I could live a life surrounded by loved ones through these photos.


This is the service I want to provide to my couples. While my mother was not a professional by any means, she provided me the opportunity to go back in time to feel closer to my family. To have a similar intimate perspective, is an important part of my process to blend into the wedding day to appear more like a friend than a random vendor. Process isn't even the right word because there is no formula in how I photograph every wedding. I understand the importance of capturing what is scheduled but the moments in between everything that is scheduled are the most authentic and will tell your unique story the best.


My approach is natural, nothing should feel overly posed. While I love portraiture, even these moments will be captured in a more candid way, keeping you moving and engaged, never stiff.


I take my job very seriously. I care, more than I like to admit at times.

Your wedding day is a big deal to me.


My approacH

Natural, creative, fun

First and foremost, my goal is to capture your wedding day moments in a natural unobtrusive way. I'm always looking to approach your wedding from new and unique angles, my goal isn't to provide what you would expect from your wedding photos,

it's to go above and beyond that. I want my passion and love for what I do to show through my photos. Trust me, when it comes to your wedding day, I'm having as much fun as you are.



How much do you charge? My rates are based on my experience and demand for my services and are customized to reflect the needs for every client. I photograph everything from 10 person micro-weddings to 3 day 800 guest Indian weddings, please contact me with the details of your event to get a custom quote.

How long have you been in the business?  Since 2008.

Are you part-time or full-time?   Wedding photography has been my full-time career for over 12 years.

How many photos can I expect in my gallery?   You can expect to see 50 to 100 photos per hour in your full gallery. The range can vary greatly due to guest count, activities, details, and photographers working.

Do you edit every image?  Every image in the gallery is hand edited by yours truly for color, contrast, exposure, etc. (Similar to what you will find on my blog) Additional edits can be made upon request. 

Why should we hire you? Because I take photos that show who you two are as a couple; when you show your kids your wedding photos they can get to know who you were when you got married. I am experienced, having shot almost 400 weddings, extremely passionate about photography, and truly love what I do. I want you to relive your wedding day every time you look through your wedding album.

How do you handle destination weddings? I am always happy to set up a Skype consult to get to know each other before the big day. I like to arrive to the destination city 2 days before the wedding to assure that I am there in case there are travel delays. At the time of booking I will let you know how much our travel fees are based on the estimated cost of flights, car rental (if necessary), and hotel. I handle all the bookings for travel so you do not have to worry about it.

What is your backup plan? In the unlikely event that I would be unable to shoot your wedding due to something tragic I have a network of wedding photographers around the world that I can call in an emergency.

What is the album process? When the gallery is uploaded you will have the opportunity to select your favorites for the album. I will give you a pre-design based on your selections and we will make changes from there.

Who will be photographing our wedding? Small weddings include coverage by me, the rest of the packages offer coverage by me & an assistant photographer who covers different angles as well as assists with lighting during portraits.

What sort of equipment do you bring to a wedding? Your wedding day will only happen once and it is important that a professional photographer have reliable gear and always have a backup just in case something were to go wrong. I bring multiple camera bodies and lenses as well as a second photographer to make sure that we capture your day without pause. Currently working with a Canon 5d Mark IV and R6, if you’re curious.

Do you shoot details and family formals? Absolutely. Before the wedding day I will finalize family formal list with you so I know who to cover and I always make sure to cover all the details that make your wedding gorgeous.

How do we book?   To reserve my services for your wedding date a retainer of $1500 is required as well as a signed contract. Please contact me for more information.

Request detailed pricing and information below:

T. 424.645.7293
E. howdy@CarolinesCollective.com