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While some industries are so obviously struggling amidst the chaos of COVID-19, there are so many others flying under the radars. I have been running a strong business for eleven years now. Eleven years of weddings all over the world, that started during a recession, and survived through the decision of splitting my time and business between two states. My heart hurts right now. Watching my friends struggle financially and get bullied into giving refunds for services that could have been rescheduled. Watching the restaurants I love laying off employees and doing whatever they can to stay afloat. Worrying about my parents going outside and potentially catching something that could end their life and not being able to see them worried that I'd be the one to give it to them. On top of all the turmoil surrounding, almost half of my total income (from Airbnb) disappeared overnight and the rest of it will come in time when weddings begin to pick up again. This is incredibly hard to admit as I've always prefered to appear confident and unphased by worry. Here I am though, worried.