Tips for good wedding photos



1. Formal Portraits :
 We’re more than happy to take the time to photograph you, your families, & bridal party, in a more traditional, formal manner. The only thing that we ask is for all these photos to take place at one block of time during the day. This could be before the ceremony (if you are planning on seeing each other before), or right after. During that time, we can do as many groupings as you wish. Just make sure to fill out the questionnaire. The rest of the time, the best working environment for us to document your wedding is when guests try to ignore us. We will be taking a ton of candid shots of everyone at the wedding, especially the ones closest to you. We do this so you and your family are not stressed before the ceremony, also because this can disrupt many beautiful moments that happen naturally. In the scheme of things it saves about 5 minutes doing the portraits at separate times.

2. Videographers : We definitely understand wanting to have your wedding documented in as many ways as possible but please make sure that you hire a videographer that is able to work alongside us as a team. Please express to them that it is very important that they work WITH us and not against us in making as beautiful photos for you as we possibly can and that we have priority on the wedding day.

3. Guests With Cameras : We’ve been experiencing a lot of “guests with cameras” at weddings lately, so we have started asking couples to ask some of their guests, in advance, to please refrain from becoming wedding photographers on the day. We can’t emphasize how inconvenient this can get and the risk it poses to the final look of your photos. If you have friends who like to take a lot of photos, tell them to be mindful of the professionals. At our own ceremony our officiant asked the guests to get their instagram photo out of the way before putting it up for the rest of the ceremony. Here is a great article about unplugged weddings.

4. Creative Portraits : If you want to get the portraits like you see on our blog, make sure to plan enough time for us to create beautiful portraits that you will be proud to hang on your wall. We need at least 30 minutes with just the two of you in addition to 30 mins for family formals. We will be there to guide along but it is important to stay connected, bring the emotion, be patient, adventurous, and have fun! We know that you hired us for our candid approach and we want that to show in our portraits as well but to get you two feeling and looking comfortable in front of the camera, it can take time.

5. Expect Hair & Make-Up to Take Longer Than Expected : No matter how amazing your hair stylist and makeup artist are, you’ll probably need them there a little bit longer than they plan for. We can’t even begin to tell you how many times we’ve run out of picture time because hair and makeup ran long. Always add an 30 minutes to an hour to however long you think hair and  makeup will take – especially if you have a large bridal party!

6. See the Light : If you’re getting married outdoors (or in a church!), make sure you visit your venue at the exact time you’ve planned your ceremony to start so you can see how the light falls around where you plan to stand. Bring along a friend or your fiance and look at the light on their face. If they’re squinting because the sun is in their eyes, then they’ll most likely be squinting in the ceremony photos, too. If their face has spotty shadows from dappled light through the trees, you might think about moving to a spot with more even light. Remember…while we have lots of experience in lots of different lighting conditions, we can only photograph what’s really there! A squinty groom in person is a squinty groom in photos. By checking out the light before your big day, you give yourself the chance to make minor changes in the timeline that could make a world of difference for your photographs!

7. Consider doing a “first look” bride and groom session :  If you are having a wedding in late spring, summer, or early fall, or an early Catholic ceremony, (i.e. really long days with plenty of light for portraits) it’s not always the best option; in which case please feel free to discuss ideas if it’s something you’re still interested in. When the days are shorter or you’re interested in having a sunset ceremony, or even a ceremony an hour before sunset, we highly recommend doing a first look an hour and a half before the ceremony so we can knock out all the family formals. Then, after the ceremony we take a few beautiful sunset portraits and head straight to the party!

8. Reception Lighting : The more the better! We love the look of string lights and colored uplighting it gives outdoor receptions and indoor ballroom receptions more a pop! Blues and purples look especially great.

persian wedding decor at night green pastures red


9. Getting ready :  The best spot for photos getting your makeup done is 3-4 feet in front of a large window (not in direct sunlight). In our experience, we have found the worst spot is a corner of a room as your makeup artist/hair stylist will block you in each shot. For the best photos, we recommend you mention this to your hair and makeup artist beforehand. We know it can be hard to keep tidy but having a room void of clutter is hugely beneficial, for your peace of mind and for your photos.

-Dress – Putting on the wedding dress is one of the biggest moments and the look of utter joy of your bridesmaids seeing you in the dress is what we want to capture. We don’t want to miss those photos! We ask that we be allowed in the room during this time. We will not take photos of you partially dressed, only when the dress zipper is zipped, laces are laced up, buttons are buttoned up, etc… will we start taking pictures of you. We’ve been doing this for awhile so we’re always discreet.

– Groom – We like to show parallel scene in your wedding album of both the bride and groom getting ready. When we tell the story in your album, it disrupts the flow when there are no photos of the groom and the first photo is the groom completely ready at the ceremony. So for the gentlemen, we like to get detail photos of the suit/tux, watches, cufflinks, groom shaving, groom putting on jacket while being assisted from best man, and a groom portrait. Time should be allotted so we can capture these moments as well.

10. First Dance : Do your first dance after dinner and after the father/mother dances. Your guests will want to get on the dance floor ASAP when they see you two starting the party.

11. Special People/Customs : As you know by now, we will be candidly photographing the important people and special moments throughout your day. If there are specific people who are particularly important (and who might not be as involved throughout the day), who you want us to pay special attention to, please let us know. Similarly, if there are any special/unusual traditions or customs that we should know about, please mention them to us as well. Again, this is all in an effort to give you the best possible coverage!

12.  House rules : Talk to your officiant or church about rules for the photographer and videographer and understand our limitations if there are any. While we maintain respect for the ceremony the less regulations the more angles and coverage we will be able to get.

13. Misc : Our style is candid so you do not have to worry about us on the day of , we might tell you to put the dress on here and help organize your first look but we want you to think of us as flies on the wall who want to be there for everything! We will try to take transportation with you whenever possible, we want to be there the moment your dress is being put on, when your father gets to see you before walking you down the aisle, etc.

14. Feeding the vendors : Our goal is to always provide the best photographic coverage of your wedding but honestly we need fuel to continue shooting your big day. Our contract states that we need to be provided two hot meals during dinner time. We also request to eat at the same time as the bride and groom, this is so we can assure that we are ready and back to work when you are mingling with your guests. It is also very important to go over this with your caterer as well as where we will be eating on the day of, in many resorts the vendor room can be a 10 minute walk away. The closer we are to the reception, the less we miss.

15. Be happy! : In the end remember that this day your day with you and your new husband/wife. Even if something goes unexpectedly we want you to look great in your wedding photos and nothing is more beautiful than a beautiful, happy bride.