I am a wedding photographer based in Denver and Austin who loves to travel for destination weddings. I have a fine art background and place an emphasis on capturing real moments between couples. After 10 years in this industry, I can confidently say that I love my career more than ever.

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What they're saying

“Most. Amazing. Wedding photos. EVER. ”

ashley & elijah

"HANDS DOWN Caroline is the most amazing wedding photographer out there! We were blown away by the pictures we got back from our wedding, and so was everyone else. She is extremely experienced and you can certainly tell by the way she captures every single moment of your special day. My husband and I find ourselves critiquing every other wedding photographer we see because they just simply do not compare. Her creativity and passion for photography shows in every picture. If you are lucky enough to hire Caroline, you will be so extremely happy!"

alex & mark

"Simply the best! Caroline's work is amazing -- museum quality, really. Her journalistic style made us really feel like we went back in time and were re-living the weekend all over again once we got the photos back. She has a unique ability to capture beautiful small moments with just as much emotion and artistry as the main wedding events. We booked our engagement session with her as well which was a huge plus because we got to know her on a more personal level, making the wedding that much more of a breeze. Book Caroline and don't look back - you won't regret it!"

lauren & tom


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