On Wednesday Ben & I made a one day trip to Houston to visit my high school photography teacher, Mrs. Crocker. As I mention in my ‘About me’ in my info & pricing guide my high school photography teacher played a huge part into why I continued photography into college. After following me on facebook and keeping up with my blogs, she asked me to make a little presentation to her advanced photo classes. I was pretty excited and honored to be asked but not sure what to talk about! The day before I put together a powerpoint slideshow basically showing some of my old work, lens flares, hdrs, simple lighting, more complex lighting, studio work, prime lenses, the difference between a cropped and full frame sensor, and a little bit of the business side. Forty-five minutes was not enough to say everything I wanted to say, even though I had barely planned what to say! [so naturally I will be coming back :)]. Most students were pretty in to what I was saying, some more so than others of course, but it was really cool to just have the answers to what they wanted to know. I never thought I would be talking about having a successful photography business in the classroom that I once used to sit in. Cy-creek high school has changed SO MUCH since I graduated, I couldn’t even find my way around! They’ve been remodeling for a few years now. I ended up running into my sophomore English teacher, I don’t think she remembered me, but it was still cool.

I really hope I get to give more lectures in the future but for now I’ll just stick to high school students.

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