Huntsville State Park Wedding Photography | Yara & Victor

This past Saturday I, once again, left Austin to photograph Yara and Victor’s wedding. I really love being able to travel as much as I do- don’t get me wrong, I love my Austin weddings, but seeing new places is really fun to me. I had never been to Huntsville State Park before and it was gorgeous! Right on the edge of a beautiful lake surrounded by tall trees of various sorts. I have to mention that this wedding was all ‘do-it-yourself’ and I would never had known if I wasn’t around during the prep. Yara and her team did an amazing job cooking delicious Mexican food (major props to whom ever made the horchata!), decorating the tables and ceremony room with bundles of wheat, pine cones and pumpkins. The most stylish fall themed DIY decorations and attire I have ever seen! Here are some of my faves!

Props to: the Florist- Conroe Blossom Shop

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