Austin Wedding | Tracy + Everett


Tracy & Everett are quite possibly the nicest (and interesting) people ever. There were 300 people in attendance to their wedding from all over the world which was a testament to how wonderful they really are. They came over to our house to meet with us for the first time and let our cat sit on their lap as we discussed the story that brought them together after many years. A first date that didn’t lead anywhere, and reconnecting again after living separate lives in different cities (and another country at one point!)…. but you really can’t tell someone is ‘the one’ until you’ve traveled with them! Their fondness for Italy, Austin, our cats (and our work!) informed Ben & I know that we were a perfect photographers for them. The wedding day started with Ben killing wasps to protect Tracy’s dress that was hanging in the window from being claimed as a new nest. Tracy & Everett saw each other before the ceremony so they could get to the party faster. They figured that they were far from traditional people anyway. After all their pastor friend who married them also owns a bar in Marfa called Padres! The ceremony was full of laughs with personal touches that made their ceremony unique with readings in Italian and a song sung by a good friend. After the ceremony the sun had dropped and we photographed a few more twilight portraits with them, the Winfield Inn was a perfect backdrop for this. With 300 people we expected a good party throughout the reception and Tracy & Everett’s wedding guests did not disappoint!


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