Banff, British Columbia

I’m sitting here on a cold night in Cuzco, Peru hanging out with a Canadian when I realized that I never actually posted any of the beautiful photos we took while visiting our amazingly talented photographer friends Sam & Brittany in Canmore Canada last December. Before this trip, I had barely set foot in snow- does 1 inch of snow in Austin that melts the next day count? I stocked up on gear, plenty of smart wool and a large jacket to keep me warm. While my mother may be from Minnesota, I am certainly a Texan when it comes to cold weather. Luckily for me, it was unseasonably warm in December, reaching up to 40 degrees one of the days I was there! Canadians were just about wearing shorts while I was still in full gear. I was clearly from out of town. Our wonderful tour guides took us to do all of the typical Canadian things, snow tubing, dog sledding, poutine, & even curling. I can’t wait to visit in the summer some time.



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