Austin, TX Wedding | Lauren + Tom

Just like with any job that there ever was, some days are easier than others. Some days I see a daunting to do list of taxes to pay, spreadsheets to update, & e-mails to send. Running a photography business is so much more than meets the eye and it’s difficult to accurately depict how chaotic and inconsistent it can be. It truly is… a labor of love. With those overwhelming down days comes highs that outweigh any low. Days like Lauren & Tom’s are the highs of my job, hands down. Lauren has been following me since the days that I was ‘Sweet Caroline Photo’. While that is at least 5 years, I shot her good friend’s wedding in 2010 so I’ll bet it’s been closer to 7. I am well aware that it is terribly sappy of me to say that that fact makes me a bit weepy. She said that my photos were a huge part of the reason that she had a wedding in the first place, to be able to remember a time they could bring their family & friends together to celebrate. Lauren & I chose her wedding date, hoping to not end up with a 100 degree day and where they should have their engagement photos taken. (Tulum, Mexico!) I grow attached to my clients because I make bonds that aren’t easy to forget and these two are no exception. They hired my favorite team of vendors to create a magical ambiance with nothing but good vibes. Thank you Lauren & Tom, Lonie & Josh, and Tenley & Dustin for keeping me in the family. (and of course) Pearl Events, Texas pro Djs, bouquets of Austin, & Polka dots cupcakes.

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