Howdy, my name is Caroline. I love the technical side of photography, I love the art, I love getting to know fascinating people in all walks of life, I love a good party, and I love all the gooey, cheesy bits of love everyone gets to experience on a wedding day.


Traits that qualify me to photograph your wedding :

Huge fan of my family and friends, real huge, just like you.

As of late 2020 I have photographed over 400 fabulous marriage celebrations.

There is a degree in photography in my possession, although admittedly I learned all the important stuff post graduation.

Currently based in Denver, CO & Austin, TX (yes, both), originally from Houston and go back often for the family.

If you have a destination wedding, I'm also quite well traveled with events.


Other random traits about myself :

Live music is a must in life after 7 years of choir, all the genres.

My favorite beverages include cappuccinos, champagne, and sour beers.

Once upon my wanderlust years, I went a year without having a formal definition of a home. (Thankful for a hospitable sibling during the interims).

Lately I've been binge watching jeopardy, did you know butterflies taste with their feet?


degree in photography


years as a professional


weddings photographed


states flown to for destination weddings


countries flown to for destination weddings


print & web publication features around the world

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