Aruba Wedding Photography

Aruba Wedding Photography

Hi! It sounds like you are looking for a wedding photographer on the beautiful island of Aruba. I was bit with a travel bug in Italy in 2007 studying photography on a study abroad trip. I have the desire to shoot weddings all around world, including weddings in the Caribbean. There is something truly special about destination weddings.

You can see destination wedding photography locations and tips & destination weddings  I have photographed. Please let me know if you have any questions about weddings or about traveling and planning. I would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact me with more information about your big day so we can figure out if we can make our way out to Aruba to be your wedding photographer.

Why get married in Aruba : 

Aruba is a dutch owned island in the Caribbean located near the coast if Venezuela also known as part of the Netherlands Antilles. Unlike most of the Caribbean, Aruba is more dry and cacti are a common site on the landscapes. You can almost always expect warm and sunny weather on the island because it is outside of the hurricane area. The official languages for the island are Dutch and Papiamento, although many also speak English. Oranjestad is the biggest city on Aruba housing 33,000 people, with a total of only 100,000 on the entire island. The currency is the Aruban Florin which is currently 1.79 to the $1.


Things to do in Aruba :

  • Eagle Beach – The highest rated beach on the island, classic and beautiful Caribbean beach.
  • Phillip’s Animal Garden – Hang out with a variety of animals and get up close to some of them!
  • Natural Pool –  A group of rocks form together to make a pool of ocean water.
  • Arikok National Park – Get a tour to go through all the best spots of the national park, caves, beach coves, and some ruins.
  • Molmok Reef – A great place to snorkel and scuba dive, partially due to a sunken ship.


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