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Part documentary, part editorial, wedding photography style that doesn't fit in a box.

Hi, I'm Caroline Robert

I have been a wedding photographer in Austin, TX for over 12 years. I have received accolades from the Knot, WPJA, Fearless Photographers, & Austin Monthly, and have been featured in over 50 publications around the world. My style focuses on candid moments that naturally unfold on the wedding day. There is no formula to the way I approaches weddings, as I consider each one to be a unique opportunity to tell the couple’s story.



"Best of the Best" - Austin Monthly Magazine


“Simply the best!

Caroline's work is amazing -- museum quality, really. Her journalistic style made us really feel like we went back in time and were re-living the weekend all over again once we got the photos back. She has a unique ability to capture beautiful small moments with just as much emotion and artistry as the main wedding events. Book Caroline and don't look back - you won't regret it!”



-Lauren & Tom


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Austin is an amazing location for destination and local weddings, with mild winters and beautiful spring & fall temperatures. While the summers are hot they are much more bearable than Houston summers since it is far less humid here. The winters in Austin can hop around in temperature from freezing to 75 degrees, so you never really know what you're going to get! Austin has an awesome variety of venues from modern ballrooms, to victorian style homes, outdoor hill country sites, barn settings, and brand new modern hotels. If you can dream it, it's a good chance that Austin has it. Austin has become a hot spot for destination weddings due to its' accessibility from coast to coast and its' beauty and proximity to Dallas and Houston. This ensures that many venues book farther out than in other markets. Austin hasn't been able to keep up with how popular it has become! This is the same case for all vendors in Austin as well. Most weddings are in the popular months of April, May, October, & November and book 9 to 12 months out. Some days will be significantly more popular than others because of other events going on in Austin. With the city's popularity has brought a lot of events and activities, which is good for the city but difficult for wedding planning. Austin has SXSW week, 2 ACL weekends, and Formula 1, so weekends around those events tend to become more popular. With good reason too; those dates become very difficult for any wedding guests coming from out of town since many hotels in Austin will become very expensive or not be available at all. Check Austin 360 to read about all the other events that go on in Austin. Find out more about Austin below with information on venues, engagement session locations, favorite vendors, and information about Houston weddings.

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