Denver Wedding Photographer

Denver is the perfect spot to get married for many reasons. The best thing about Denver is its’ relativity to the mountains. You can hit the mountains in just over an hour and bonus is that you can see them all the time around Denver. Nothing better than watching the sunset over the mountains from a rooftop in Denver. With a city population of just under 3/4 million, I think it’s the perfect size to be able to get around without feeling too busy. You can get married downtown, just outside of Denver in one of its many adorable suburbs, or make the trek out to the mountains to be in the heart of Colorado’s natural beauty. While many couple’s pick the summer to get married here, we’ve been known to have freak weather causing hail in the middle of July. On the other side of the weather spectrum, we’re also known to have plenty of sunny 65 degree sunny days during the winter, so you really have no idea what you’re going to  get! With Colorado being quite a travel destination and Denver being a relatively young city, we have many photogenic attractions around down, from a beautiful skyline to fun graffiti art. Fun fact, Colorado is one of the few dates where couples can solemnize their own marriage, which means a couple can marry themselves without an officiant. They also don’t require a wait time after receiving the license. I love my city and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about planning  your wedding here! Check out the best Denver wedding venues & engagement session locations here.

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