Tips for a beautiful engagement session

Pets :

Huge fan. However, if you’re pup is quite rambunxious or still in their puppy phase, it’s a good idea to have someone drop them off or pick them up halfway through so we don’t have to focus too much energy on them.

dog at engagement session

Timing :

I try to photograph my clients about an hour and a half before the sun sets or occasionally right at sunrise for that perfect golden light which will change based on the time of year. Keep in mind that popular locations will be much busier on the weekend and during special events.


Location, location, location :

Some people want to be photographed in some of their favorite spots around town while some like to make the venture out to somewhere more unique than they experience on a daily basis. I try to limit it to two locations that are relatively close together as travel time does take away from our session time. I’m here to help guide you in the right direction that suits YOU best.

Style :

Having 2 outfits is nice for options but not a necessity, be ready to change somewhere random if you have 2 as there may not be a nice option to make the switch.
Ladies, dresses (with leggings for winter) as well as nice jeans and a nice top photograph very well. Guys, slacks/nice jeans, with a nice shirt, maybe button down. If you guys want to take it up a notch, formal wear is not frowned upon in the right setting. Color coordinating is nice but don’t feel the need to be overly matchy by any means. Generally I tell people to avoid greens when we’re photographing in nature or patterns that are extra busy. It’s often wise to have a more mobile shoe choice if you like heals, as we do tend to do a lot of walking, we can always change for the photo and back if need be. Accent pieces are also always fun, hats, necklaces, and floral headpieces are welcome. Feel free to use this opportunity to do your makeup trial as well. If it’s going to be cold, plan for extra layering in between photographs, I’ll definitely be bundled up if that’s the case and wouldn’t want to make you jealous ;)


Most importantly :

Over everything else, think of it as a day to be yourselves and have fun!



Here are a few personal favorite outfits I’ve seen over the years for inspiration!


Karen’s red peacoat added a pop of color to the snowy mountains.

Robyn’s hat was a fun addition to the summer time Croatia session.

Clearly a fan of the pops of color :)

Lany and Doug were going for a more vintage style with her 50’s themed dress.

Tatiana stayed warm during this fall engagement session with a cute cognac leather jacket.

Heather’s dress was not only on point but the pop of shoes was adorable.

Tatiana had a floral headpiece made by her florist for the engagement session.

Lauren and Tom kept in mind their session would be in Tulum so pops of color and bare feet went with the water of the ocean perfectly.

Cute booties for this ranch engagement session.

Aubrey sported a beautiful pearl necklace to go with her black sweater and red lipstick.

bridal veil falls engagement session

A lot of comments on the girl’s attire but also take note of Doug’s awesome shoe game here.

Kim made sure to bring along another pair of ‘easy’ shoes so she could rock the heels during the photos.

Signing off with the adorable energy of Tana & Michael’s DC engagement session. :)




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