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Iceland is not exactly the first place people think of to have a destination wedding but is absolutely one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world. Just landing from the plane feels other worldly, like you’re landing on Mars. Iceland is a more expensive place to visit since it is an island with few resources near by but it is still relatively close to the north east considering how exotic it is. Summer is the best time to get married there since the weather is cool instead of freezing and because there is no night. The sun “sets” perpetually for 3 hours only to immediately “rise” again for 3 hours, it’s simply stunning. The country is one of the safest in the world and is worth a visit whether you get married there or not!


Things to do in Iceland :

  • Blue Lagoon – While it is technically power plant waste it is clean and chemical free. This thermal energy leaves milky blue pools of water for everyone to enjoy at any time of year.
  • Northern Lights – These are more likely to happen during the fall/winter time but just hope you are lucky enough to experience this beautiful sky phenomenon.
  • The Jökulsár Lagoon – This lagoon hosts many large ice burgs year around.
  • Gullfoss – Iceland’s most famous waterfall, take a nice hike to see the rainbow that goes over it on a sunny day.
  • Puffins & Whales – See the wildlife of Iceland on the coast by going on a whale watching tour or finding a group of puffins.


Photo by Caroline

Photo by Caroline



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