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the pitons of st lucia

St Lucia is arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The Petit & Gros Pitons are the iconic formerly volcanic mountains of the island. Currently a sovereign nation, it was once owned by the French and English seven different times, each. So while many of the town names are French and the language is a French creole, the currency of the east Caribbean dollar has the queen on it and people drive on the left hand side of the road. The island has a nice mix of rainforest and beautiful beaches along the coast. The north side of the island is where most of the resorts live while the southwest side of the island (near the pitons) is home to more relaxing boutique hotels. The island is small but due to winding mountain roads it can take much longer than it appears to get to the other side of the island. It is worth visiting the less touristy islands for the photogenic views of colorful homes and some of the nicest people you’ll meet on this planet.



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