We took a 2.5 hour train from Amsterdam to Paris. We had in an amazing time in France mainly due to being with good friends and eating good food. We spent a few days in Paris with an amazing photographer friend, Stacy Reeves, and her husband. She showed us some of the best spots in town to eat which is really my favorite thing to do in another country. It was surprisingly hot in Paris while we were there, it never gets as hot as Texas can but without AC every where it starts to feel as hot as Texas! After Paris, we took the 5 hour train down to Nice where us and some other friends from Texas spent 6 days relaxing on the sunny, rocky, topless beaches. We drank wine, ate dried sausage, and took a side trip to Monaco. With the exception of the first 3, all of these were shot with my iphone :)


paris-france-travel-photos (4 of 4)Jackie & Eliparis-france-travel-photos (3 of 4)nice france beachnice france beachProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetfree hugs zone

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au petit sud oest duck dinner and dessert

Duck dinner from au petit sud oest with a sampling of creme brulee. The best duck we have ever had, it fell right off the de musees dinner

Dinner from cafe de musees.

french desserts

Ahhh the desserts of France!! The French know their desserts! To the left is something I never would have ordered but I’m so glad Stacy did. It is a ____, like a fluffy whipped milk in a sweet cream. The top right is the popular grenata, similar to a slushy but without the artificial flavor. Last but not least, macaroons. The best flavors and combinations, so amazing, definitely one of my favorite desserts.

l'ecole de nice dinner

Dinner from L’ecole de Nice.

na yucca dinner in nice france

Our last dinner in France from Ma Yucca. There seem to be a lot of restaurants in Nice with a Japanese influence. Ma Yucca seemed to have the best ratings on Trip Advisor and it did not disappoint!

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